Our TinyStars class is here for our Young Performers who want to do it all. This class includes Dance, Drama and Singing. Each hour long class teaches performing to our young boys and girls aged from 3 to 6years. 


Taught by Miss Lauren, this class is a good mixture of the three elements of Perfoming Arts, covering modern dance, drama and improvisation and role play and singing along to popular tunes. 


A relatively small class for boys and girls who just love to perform and are already the life and sole of the party. Maybe they just can't keep still at home and are always dancing and singing along to the telly or radio, well this could be the class for them. This class is also great to help build confidence as the children learn in a small group to perform with each other. 


Just gove us a call to arrange a free trial for your child, without obligation and be resdy for them to perform in our next show at the Theatre.


Dance, Drama, Singing