Modern Dance

Modern dance places emphasis on exploring emotion and expressing personality through movement. Dancers make use of steps from established forms of dance, but also create and introduce their own moves to make performances more personal.


Modern dance rejects the idea that dance must always be light and graceful, and encourages dancers to make the most of their body weight in order to express themselves. Warming up is an important part of any dance (no one wants a nasty injury).


Classes typically begin with a warm up session to stretch the muscles and prepare the body for movement. We then help dancers to learn integral modern dance steps, before advising them on how they can personalise their performance and introduce their own interpretation. More experienced dancers are often encouraged to devise their own routines, meaning that there is always more to explore, even at an advanced level.


A popular alternative to ballet, modern dance is performed by both girls and boys, and classes are available for beginners of all ages.

As it incorporates lots of different moves, modern dance is good for giving most areas of the body a workout and improving general fitness and flexibility. It may also help you to improve your posture – no slouching in dance class...


Good to know

Expression in modern dance isn’t just limited to creative steps - performances often involve a variety of different costumes and music.