A Foreword From Our Principal

Hello and Welcome to my Website,


My name is Carol Bicker and I am the Principal and Owner of Centre Stage Academy of Performing Arts which was set up in October 1999 following my involvement with local dance and drama schools in the Bradford / Leeds area. I am currently 53yrs old, a wife and mother of a son and daughter.


It all started back in 1993 when my daughter attended a local performing arts group. I started to get involved with what she ws doing and was then asked to teach speech and drama at her performing arts school to a small group of children and soon I found the children I was teaching, including my own daughter were succeeding in Guildhall exams and also in local music and drama festivals.


My own very first stage performance was aged just 7yrs and I was a Roman soldier, something that upset me at the time as all the other girls played nice "girly" characters. Other than the odd singing show in the cellar at home to family and neighbours, I found myself doing other things until I did drama at Grammar School in the mid 1970s. After leaving school, I started work in a bank and didn't really have anything to do with drama etc until Stephanie my daughter started performing arts herself in 1993. My most recent stage performance was playing a very convincing "Drunk" in a local amateur theatre group in 2012, strange role, as I don't drink alcahol. But very enjoyable indeed. I now put most of my time into making Centre Stage a fun, loyal and successful Stage School and Acting Agency.


I do hope you'll join us.